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The Soob Productions (Sweat On Ones Brow) is a  Film and TV Production Company that has been active in the independent UK film scene since 2006.  Our objective is to produce inspirational, European and African-themed films, ranging from Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller and Fantasy that not only entertain but also deliver great stories, breathtaking visual imaginary and a sensibility that appeals to the broadest audience possible and captures the imagination of all people regardless of age and ethnicity, with budgets from £100.000 to 5.000.000,  as well as taking at heart the employment of ethnic actors in primary roles.

Our team comprises of hardworking, talented and devoted people with different skills from different backgrounds, cultures and education.

ICE NEAL                             ROBY MEOLA                          MARY SUE

LEO BARON                        ELISE MOGUE


The Soob Director

  • Ice-Neal-SP Ice Neal
    Ice Neal is a British/African, award winner actress,  director, scriptwriter and producer. She has written, produced and directed two feature films and  three short films: EVA’S DIAMOND, a Christian-based drama-mystery-thriller, MR JONES,  a Mainstream over-the-top Comedy currently in production,  AT...
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