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Leo Baron: Dop/ Editor

Leo Baron to a certain extent  has been able to cover a few roles in the past few years, mostly taking care of camera work, lighting and assisting Ice Neal with pre and post production matters.

Leo is a self-taught film-maker, nevertheless his natural understanding of technology and media in general have made his learning curve quite fast. As an editor he has worked on music video clips, musicals videos, APK’s and Art films and documentaries.

He has edited two Soob’s short movies and shared the photography of three projects, among which the feature film Eva’s Diamond and of Mr Jones, currently in production.

The Soob Director

  • Ice-Neal-SP Ice Neal
    Ice Neal is a British/African, award winner actress,  director, scriptwriter and producer. She has written, produced and directed two feature films and  three short films: EVA’S DIAMOND, a Christian-based drama-mystery-thriller, MR JONES,  a Mainstream over-the-top Comedy currently in production,  AT...
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