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Elise Mogue: Editor

Elise Mogue is a very talented film editor. Since the dawn of cinema, women were the experts on film editing, thanks to their patience and dedication, the same virtues that helped Elise to become a very sensitive and emotions-driven professional.

Rather than the technical stuff,  the story and the moods are the things Elise most cares about when it comes to putting together a cut. For this reason, after sharing the editor’s chair with Leo Baron on the Soob’s first projects (apart from Finality which was edited by Bernhard Pucher) she became Ice Neal’s first choice editor and “the obvious choice” as lead editor when it came to the Soob’s first feature film Eva’s Diamond.

Ice and Elise have many things in common and almost think the same. Like the most successful Director/Editor pairs, a match made in Heaven.

Elise’s work in Eva’s Diamond feature film won her an Nomination for Best Editing at Maverick Movie Awards 2015.

The Soob Director

  • Ice-Neal-SP Ice Neal
    Ice Neal is a British/African, award winner actress,  director, scriptwriter and producer. She has written, produced and directed two feature films and  three short films: EVA’S DIAMOND, a Christian-based drama-mystery-thriller, MR JONES,  a Mainstream over-the-top Comedy currently in production,  AT...
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