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Roby Meola: Music Composer

Roby Meola was born in Genoa, Italy.   He showed love and talent for music at an early age, and by twelve, had already written 100 songs. At fourteen, he could play drums, keyboard, bass and guitar.   Roby’s guitar prowess is reminiscent of Frampton, Hendrix and Santana, and he quickly mastered the styles of jazz, rock and the blues and taught jazz and rock guitar at the Roland School of Music before the age of eighteen.   He toured Europe with his first band, MG40, at the age of eighteen, and by the time he was twenty, started his career as a music producer and arranger. Several years later he moved to London and began to significantly broaden his versatility as a producer and songwriter, working with such artists as Mica Paris and Fierce.  

In 2004 he was offered the opportunity to work on the score for his first feature film “Ambition”, directed by Nick Forzy and later distributed in US by Shoreline Ent. he quickly began joggling between music for films and for TV commercials.

“In the past few years I worked in numerous projects, from Independent Short Movies to Features. At the moment I am dividing my time between scoring for films and composing for commercials. I have been very lucky to build relationships with major European agencies and land jobs for brands such as: T-MOBILE, 7UP, BMW. VW and ADIDAS among others.

Thanks to his private studies in Classical Composition and Arrangement and his passion and know-how Roby Meola creates emotional and inspiring scores using the power and the dynamics of the real Orchestra, as well as taking advantage of today’s computer technology and real instrumentalists. From hi-tech ultra-modern sci-fi to classic Hollywood romantic sound.

“Images and sounds are the best marriage, the most successful. They satisfy two senses at the same time”.

Roby met Ice Neal in 2003 and since then their working relationship has grown into a solid partnership. To date, Roby has scored all movie directed by Ice Neal, for The Soob Productions.

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