We offer private investors the opportunity to finance The Soob Productions’ Films

We work with the UK’s leading independent producers, high caliber crew, and some of the finest talents.

We offer investors the opportunity to participate in an exciting venture in the film industry, from development to the final delivery.
We protect our investor’s interests by keeping our budgets low, retaining maximum control of all our projects.

We have a range of feature film projects in development across all genres and we are dedicated to offering the highest standards in service and delivery to ensure that each of our investor’s needs are met.

Investing in films doesn’t sound so risky anymore, now that we’ve seen how risky investing in real estate, in the stock market, and even putting money in the banks can be.
In fact, owning a piece of a movie is more substantial than owning a piece of a house built like a matchbox, owning stocks in a company with all its products manufactured abroad, or having money in a bank that loans money to even enemies of Country.
One thing for sure is: revenues from films do not stop at the box office. Nowadays more and more money is made from DVD sales, Cable, Satellite and terrestrial TV networks, and the stream of revenues keeps on flowing for the years to come.

Investors who see the bigger picture and do not stop at the theaters tickets sales, who recognize and support true long-term marketable projects as opposed to fast-food cinema are the ones who make the safest bet in the movie industry. The Soob Productions offers the platform, the means and the creativity to make this bet as easy as possible.

Our 2 feature films Eva’s Diamond and Mr Jones serve as a warrant for quality of storytelling and while being micro-budget projects, they show the Soob’s potential as film-makers team.

Our next feature film, “Leaving In A Cage” will be the trampoline for a series of projects that will differ in budget range. We feel that the time is right and that the window of opportunity is open for micro to medium-budgeted motion pictures with investments between £100k and £3m.


The future for low-budget independent films continues to look impressive, as their commercial viability has increased steadily over the recent years. Films like “Juno”, “Monsters”, “Once”, and “Crash” are evidence of the strength of this market with obvious Oscar nominations and wins.

Box office revenue for films from only specialized independent distributors has been $1.16 billion in 2007 alone. Independent movie “Juno” made back its budget of $6.5 million in only 20 days and $223.218.714 in 19 weeks.

Another great example is the No-Budget movie “Monsters” by Gareth Edwards with its initial $15.000 budget (subsequently reaching around $500.000 when Magnolia took the project in) which has now grossed a total of over 4 million dollars worldwide.

“16 of the independent Low-budget films grossed more than $20 million. ” 

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