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The Soob Productions (Sweat On One’s Brow) is a film & TV production Company based in Great Britain that has been active in the independent UK film scene since 2006. Our objective is to produce inspirational feature films, ranging from Comedy to Drama and Thriller. Our movies, not only impact lives, inform, teach, and entertain, but also deliver great stories, breathtaking visual imaginary and a sensibility that appeals to the broadest audience possible and captures the imagination of all people regardless of age and ethnicity. The employment of ethnic actors in primary roles is also our goal. Our team comprises people from different backgrounds, cultures, and education, with different God-given gifts.

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What they say about us


The narrative is very crafty and plays with perception, almost like a David Lynch Film

Jim Cirile

Coverage Ink.

The mystery it sets up is fantastic
…truly terrifying and mysterious moments here…”
“The Time shifts and spiritual elements
separate this story from more generic mysteries

Writers Store

We are so pleased we could honor
your high quality work with one of our higher awards.
You earned it! Job well done.

Thomas Baker, Ph.D

Coordinator, Accolade Competition

A powerfully evocative and moving story…
beautifully told. Directed with a rare
and powerful understanding of the human psyche

John Dodds

Producer (Merchant of Venice, Flawless)

Well directed. A fantastic achievement!
Amazing how Ice Neal transforms…Very natural actress

Mary Richards

Producer (Prometheus, Elizabeth: the Golden Age)