Mr. Jones’ few last weeks of production have been finally scheduled for end of August to beginning of September 2013. Production was interrupted before winter 2012 as we had to wait for good weather to shoot the remaining scenes. London is famously unpredictable when it comes to weather and too many times indie productions are affected by sudden changes of climatic conditions. Therefore a safe bet is to wait for when there are more chances of sunny days, hence summer.

In the last few months, though, we have been very busy working on the edit of the material we have shot during the first part of the production. This gave us the chance to have a clear idea of where we are at in terms of story and also this allowed us to understand what works and what doesn’t. Also, since we are still in production, we’ll have the opportunity to re-shoot a few things and change them a little to maximize the emotional and comedic impact, as , during the edit, the material has inspired us to modify a few areas of the movie.

Among the scenes to be shot are as well a few challenging ones which will require green screen techniques and heavy post production wizardry. production will take place at ISSA, 3Mills Studios.

As production is going to end around mid september, we will go straight to post till around december 2013. After color grading and sound mix, we hope to finalize Mr. Jones by February 2014.

Mr Jones, the new over-the-top comedy by Ice Neal,  tells the tale of captivating and larger-than-life “Parka De Large, the biggest thief of our time”, and her encounter with the most bizarre and unlikely policemen duo, Jenkins and Lewis, that catapults her into a series of super-funny, irresistible and extravagant events until she finds her way to the mysterious Mr Jones.

Stay tuned for more info and updates.

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