Yes, it’s official! Mr. Jones has changed skin and become “The Unfathomable Mr. Jones” as a strategic marketing move which will grant more exposure and uniqueness. This has been the result of a long discussion between Director/Producer Ice Neal and a potential Distribution Company, which has outlined a few ideas on how to bring this project forward and make it stand out from the crowd.


“This will effectively distinguish TUMJ  from the google-ized ocean of  books, characters, film titles etc.. with the former title (simply Mr. Jones) that abound in the net .” (Ice Neal)

“I am sure all the people that know the project already will still call it Mr. Jones, but business-wise it has been a clever (but painful) decision, for the best.” (Leo Baron)

In the meantime, The Soob is preparing for the very last stage of production. The final days of shooting are scheduled for the middle of November in the Canary Wharf area.





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