Wow, another two nominations for Eva’s Diamond. This time Elise Mogue, Ice Neal’s faithful collaborator in the editing suite, has been nominated for best editing, and once again the acting talent of Ice Neal has been recognised with a nomination for best Leading Actress at Maverick Movie Awards.

Form the very words of Mr. Charlie Rolprent, organiser of the Maverick Movie Awards:

Congratulations! Eva’s Diamond is a wonderful example of the Maverick spirit. We’re excited by how hard you worked to overcome the odds and produce this movie with remarkable poise and talent. Keep it up!

We are once again so happy of this achievement.

The Maverick Movie Awards exists to honor all facets of moviemaking form, function, style, and craft. A level playing-field where a movie’s budget is immaterial, its absence or abundance of star power is inconsequential, and its humble or lofty origins are irrelevant, any and all independent, underground, student and studio films are eligible to receive a Maverick Award.

Celebrating narratives, documentaries, experimental films, and the vast diversity of moving pictures expression, the MMA has recognized everything from big-budget pictures to low-budget indies, global issue documentaries, screwball comedies, computer-animated movies, action-horror flicks, video art, microcinema, music videos, webisodes, and everything in-between.

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