On the 10th of April 2014 Eva’s Diamond was premiered at Stratford Picture House, in the packed screen 4, where almost 150 people enjoyed, laughed, cheered, jumped with fear and surprise as the story of the couragious mother who endures to clear her son’s name from the accusation of murder, unraveled before their eyes on the big screen.

A few of the cast were interviewed by presenter David Pustansky before the screening, as the audience was entering the building. Then after a short introduction by director Ice Neal, the show started and the magic began.

“It was amazing to see the reaction of the audience in real time, as the scenes were unfolding on the big screen. I saw them gasping, applauding and laughing and it was fantastic to see all these reactions for the first time.”(Ice Neal)

After the lights came back on, Ice Neal reached the stage and answered a few questions from the audience, which spanned from the big challenges the director faced on set, to more deep spiritual subjects regarding the inner motivations that moved Ice Neal to write such a rich and complex story, with deep religious themes.

“I had to tell something that meant something to me and religion is a part of it.” (Ice Neal)

A few comments from the audience:

“A very passionate piece of work. “Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe (British Urban Film Festival)
“A stunning piece of work. What fascinated me most of all was Ice Neal’s ability to create spirituality on screen which is notoriously a very difficult thing to do. And also I found her [Ice Neal’s] acting absolutely astonishing.” Mark Normandy (International School of Screen Acting)
“It’s phenomenal what she [Ice Neal] achieved.  Not only she achieved it for little money but also she made a great film. Respect!” John Dodds (Merchant of Venice, Flawless)


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