Small Budget, Big Movies.

When we think about movies, the very first things that come to mind are: a lot of money and big budgets. It’s common belief that if you don’t have the dough, you don’t make … the bread. But things have changed enormously in the past few years.


Simple Is… Dull!

The other day I (Leo) was having a conversation with Ice (Neal) regarding her latest projects and future ones. We were discussing about production values, budgets and the pros and cons of a micro-budget movie. I remember I asked Ice the following question, “Why don’t you write something simple, like many other writers do, with…


Welcome to The Soob New Site

It has taken some time, but we’ve been very busy planning, producing, shooting, editing and all that jazz 🙂 Finally here we are with a brand new website and lots of news. The last few months have been very exciting. For all the people who have worked with us it’s no secret, we have a…


A Few Words From Eva’s Diamond Composer, Roby Meola

Fresh from Eva’s Diamond Music Final Mix, composer Roby Meola has talked to us about  his experience in composing the music for Ice Neal’s latest effort. “I hope I don’t sound arrogant when I say it has been a straightforward process for me. And I must confess all the merit goes to Ice, who from…